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Steve, aka DJ Dynamite, is a school teacher by day,

but a rockin' DJ by night!


He started this American Dream with his passion for music and love for people in their happiest moments.


He is not only a school teacher, but also a husband, father of 3 girls (Mabel, 8; Norah, 5; Opal; 6 months), and

a natural comedian that is ready to make your event a hit!


If you’re ready to join my client list,

please fill out the "Contact" form, or call/text the number at the bottom of the pages and I will happy to give you a professional and reliable DJ!

But... What's up
with the na

Where did that come from?

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Every DJ name has a backstory...

Back in the day..
I was completely OBSESSED with the pop culture film

"Napoleon Dynamite"


I was cosplaying before cosplaying was cool.

Complete with a custom-made shirt by my mom (thanks Mom),

tight jeans, fake prescription glasses, naturally curly afro, and of course...

moon boots.

I even performed in my high school talent show and brought down the house with a step-for-step rendition of the EPIC dance at the end of the film causing me to gain my 15 minutes of high school fame.

Somehow this small 3-minute, goofy dance to make those entertained has been a monicker that has followed me to the present day. I still quote the film from time to time, and while my hair isn't as poofy as my early 2000s look... I still enjoy entertaining those around me and I will be sure to make your event "flippin' sweet!"


Steve as "Napoleon Dynamite" performing with Sneaky Neighbor

at a birthday party (2005)

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